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Digital cultural heritage and collaborative crowdsourcing

The Crowdschool Project has ended in August 2023.

What is CrowdSchool

The mass digitization process in the field of Cultural Heritage has made available a huge amount of contents in European galleries, libraries, archives and museums. Still, browsing the records interesting for the students to perform learning tasks remains limited by shortage of metadata describing the cultural objects themselves. This is where Crowdschool comes in.


The project brings together heritage, education, and technical experts. From 2020 to 2023, CrowdSchool will be implementing strategies to work with partner schools and achieve the project’s main goal: enhance the learning experience of students while promoting European cultural heritage databases.


10 EU partners

6 countries

Expertise in creativity, education, innovation and critical thinking


The previous CrowdHeritage project created an online tool using the power of crowdsourcing to improve the quality of metadata. Following this project, CrowdSchool aims to propose a new model for:

  • Enhancing schools with new interactive methods for increasing the creative thinking skills of students, taking benefit of the potential present in the digital repositories of cultural institutions.

  • Creating an innovative tool for applying STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) as an access point for guiding students' inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking.



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